Wish: Add a dupcurve command

There are duplicate commands for all sorts of objects, but not for curves. Would be helpful to have so I can copy curves over to the current layer, which I cannot do with the Copy - “in place” option.

Hoi -

The following macro should do that:

Copy Pause InPlace SelNone SelLast -ChangeLayer SetCurrent=Yes Enterend



Thanks Wim.

But, if I want to copy a curve from a linked file, that won’t help me. If DupCrv could do that, it would be very helpful. For instance, if I have all road lines for a city linked in (so it can be edited externally in a central file), I often need to make adjustments to the road layout for a design. In that case, I would want to copy over the curves that I need to build the new layout for the design from. Instead of opening the linked file and copy pasting, I would prefer to pick a few lines from the linked file.
Since DupEdge can do this on linked (not embedded) blocks, I see no reason why DupCrv shouldn’t be able to as well.

How is the second file linked?

To copy a curve from an attached file in Worksession:
Select curve
InPlace option

Curve is copied onto the current layer of the active file.

It’s not a worksession, but a file linked in as a block. In this case, if you hit copy, you’ll copy the entire block.