Wish: active file visible in a status bar

I guess it is fairly easy to implement.
I would like to see the name of the active file while working in a work session. It could be located in a status bar or displayed in a corner of a viewport.

By default Rhino shows the current file in the Windows title bar -

That should do it, right? Mine is set to show the full path- I think the default is the filename only.


Ah yes! The answer lies in my screen configuration. In order to use a maximum of it I cut the upper bar and the menus.
Is it scriptable to bring the file name to the status bar?
Anyway, thanks for reply.

Hi Piotr- I don’t know of any way to add to the status bar. It’s certainly possible to script a little display tag in a viewport that would show this, or a temporary pop up or report on the command line - (i.e. you’d run a command to ask the current file name.)


I guess it would be the same effort as opening the work session editor.
Maybe some bored geek will do the script in a spare time :wink: