Wish: Ability to use "Capture viewport to file" while "Shade" is active

Currently, if “Shade” is active, trying to grab a screenshot with “Capture viewport to file” is impossible, which is a bit annoying. Is it possible to allow capturing while “Shade” is active? :slight_smile:



I’m aware of that, but it’s different. First, the modeler have to open the Properties panel, which, depending on whether the window is floating or docked, will either hide a large portion of the screen or will change the viewport resolution. Then, he or she have to turn on the “Display” tab (many people prefer to only have tabs for layers, object properties and materials). Then, it’s time for use of multiple mouse clicks to hide all the stuff that you don’t wan to see. This also may lead to doing accidental changes of the saved display settings that the user may forget to turn back exactly to their previous state.

On the other hand, the “Shade” command is a single mouse click command that’s very convenient and stores all the settings for visibility of all the stuff included in the command line. And these settings are permanently saved during the sessions.

I viewcapture shade all the time, never had a problem with it

Shade? You mean the utterly obsolete command dating back to Rhino 1.0 when you couldn’t actually work in a shaded view? If there was some sort of “Why is this still here in 2020?” prize, it would be a contender.

Just set up a custom display mode with the particular settings you want for your screen captures, I have a few of them.

There is a way around though. By copying the command {_ViewCaptureToClipboard} and then paste it while the shade mode is active in you viewport

Not working on Rhino 6 evaluation. I see that you use Rhino 7 WIP.

Both view capture to clipboard and file are working inside the Shade command here on V6 as far as I can tell. If your eval is expired, these may be disabled?

Indeed, I just tried as well in rhino 6, it’s working the same way

I can confirm that after downloading the most recent Rhino 6 evaluation it now allows to make screenshots of the viewport while “Shade” is active even by clicking on the “Capture viewport to file” icon. :slight_smile:

My Rhino 6 evaluation license will expire in 2 days.