Wish: Ability to turn on Zebra or Curvature analysis while using the "Adjust End Bulge" tool

I noticed that upon activating the “Adjust End Bulge” tool, for some reason the Zebra analysis that was already applied to the surface to be modified gets turned off until the end of the command. That lack of a visual feedback leads to waste of time and multiple use of the Undo, because the modeler is forced to try some adjustment, and then end the command to be able to see the Zebra (or the Curvature) analysis. :smiley: In most cases the result is not satisfying, so the “Adjust End Bulge” tool must be used all over again until the Zebra analysis shows that the adjustment was properly done.

Got that, thanks.

RH-58711 EndBulge: show the zebra


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