WISH: Ability to adjust wall offset

Hi there

Since getting the elevation offset functionality we’re playing around with creating some of our standard skirting options within the wall style. For example this:
So this would seem to me to be a relatively easy change, either open up the offset function:
Or even better, create a new offset dialogue and keep the original offset there so that we’d have the ability to offset ± from the original offset.

Hi @rheinason,

The option to add a skirting board component to a wall has been already requested.
I suppose that this would be what you need right?

Sure. But if you opened up the offset you’d be able to create other details like soffits, wall trims and other stuff, not just a skirting board, but this might become a PITA to solve wall joins for.

But this offset value is the one that controls the layers separation. Would you like a layer to be separated? Actually if you can achieve something like that right now if you use a hidden wall layer between two visible layers. A layer can be set as hidden from the wall style dialog: attributes > visibility.

It would be more along the lines of being able to this something like this:

In this case I would use the elevation offset for the gypsum layer, either by style or by instance, and I would model the skirting board.
As a remark, the skirting board feature will be most probably designed as a separate object, not as part of a wall style.

Right, and if we’d be allowed to adjust the offset within the Sizes we’d be able to add the skirting board within the wall style ifself, and save some modeling time.

I understand but unfortunately we are not planning to make editable the offset value.
Our idea is that any element that is related to finishing, like in this case the skirting board but also something like the paint or a ceiling will be managed independently of wall or slab styles. And either would be completely independent objects or related to space objects for example.

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