Wish: A better way to manipulate objects

I made this small video to describe my wish.
I used the ScaleObjectEx function from @Helvetosaur, and help with input from @clement

Extending objects using guides
Snaps on existent geometry
Extension length input
Extension length negative value input
Total length input
Works with one or multiple objects
Lightweight extrusions are not converted into polysurfaces.

It works in a way which is similar to ExtendCrv but with objects, and also with negative value.
Unlike Scale1D I don’t need to specify an initial length first, which makes it more user friendly.
Somehow similar to Sketchup.

What do you think?


have you tried using _MoveFace from the Solidtools ? It does almost all of your points except keeping the extrusions. But the latter could be accomplished using a final script if all your objects are just polysurface boxes.


Yeah, moveface is quite close even though it doesn’t have total length. But, if i use scale, it might work also with blocks somehow.

Using an edge of the boundingbox of a block maybe.

Combined with SmartTrack _MoveFace looks almost identical. I did not think about the total length but maybe it could be done with _BoxEdit ?


yes, but I need to edit blocks like this, so i will not have to use scale1d all the time.

I tried to use boxedit, but it is hard to edit the start and the end on a direction.

Handy thing I learned a while ago was that I could select the face by shift+control+click then move. By selecting the faces first, you can also do things like dupfaceborder and extractsrf (this is useful depending on if you like selecting things before typing the command).