Wish: 3 states of the IK button


I suppose so it’s the same for the physics button - three states could be useful:

  • enabled (green)
  • auto update disabled (yellow)
  • disabled (red)

Often I wished I could use the last calculated solution without to get a break by an update of the complex simulation.



What do you mean by “auto update”. As far as I see, when Solving/Precalculation is enabled it occurs automatically either when a parameter is changed or when the timeline slider is dragged.
There is a YT issue concerning the overruling of the disabled status when a Calculation commands (and there buttons) is executed: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/BO-3299. Maybe that’s what you have in mind?

Can you please explain this a bit more?


At the moment I can choose between IK enabled and disabled. What I miss is that IK is enabled, the last calculation is be used, but no auto update kick in if I change something at the animation. Some times I had the feeling that an auto update let me wait, but I don’t wanted it. Doe’s it make sense? If not, than please forget my request.

The ability to disable Calculation (it goes for IK/Connections and Physics) is created for the situation you describe: the ability to make various changes with being interrupted every time by the Solver.

You disable calculation by clicking the button, make the necessary changes, and enable calculation again and eventually execute one of both ‘Precalculate’ commands. The satutus enabled/disabled is indicated by a red cross over the button.

In my experience at this phase of development (and probably even later) it would be interesting to know whether Precalculation is OK or not. Especially when the model misbehaves one often has doubts. I guess that is what is bothering you.
There is a list of events that set the status of Precalculation “dirty” (meaning ‘needs to be done over’). Then there is a list of event that evoke Precalulation, like manipulapting the timeline slider, click Play etc…. I am pretty sure both lists are not exhaustive. Please @Joshua correct me if I’m wrong.

Your traffic light idea above inspires me to a status coloring:
Calculation status 1
Red: Calculation is executed but failed.
Orange: Calculation is “dirty” and needs to be done over
Green: Calculation is successfully executed.

Even when calculation is disabled this status coloring can be upheld (maybe the corss should be a bitt larger).
Calculation status 0
When there are no IK Joints or Connections, or no Physic enabled objects obviously the status is omitted.

What do you think?


Sounds good. What can the user do if “Calculation is “dirty” and needs to be done over”?

There are 2 commands:
BongoPrecalculateConnections (which I guess is rather identical to BongoPreCalculateIk)

They both have a toolbar button:



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Ah, ok, dirty calculation means it’s not up-to-date anymore and needs to be redone.

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