Wish_2019 - dynamic make2d

So I’m sure this has been discussed many times.

Wish would be to Set up and SAVE your view and somehow THIS view ALSO has a “Dynamic MAKE2D”

that you can “UPDATE”

So when you change your Block. you can go into your view and update your MAKE2D.

Does this make sense?

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Hi - have you tried SectionTools?


…working on section tools, BUT this applies mostly to sections, right? Haven’t had the chance to truly dive into it… WHEN it comes to sections, I need multiple hatches for multiple materials and I need to control those hatches. Is there a way to create multiple hatches to represent different materials on the section cut?? That would make my life way easier…

My wish was that I want to be able to change the overall model and make2d of a “view” AND THEN if I change the overall model, THAT VIEW is somehow linked to the make2d curves that it outputs and it will update… basically I end up setting up CUSTOM views of my model and making2d of those views… when I update my model I have to do a new make2d… hope this makes sense…

Are you saying this works with sectiontools?

@rajaa any chance that could be rewritten to work on mac either?