Wiring for noobs

Hi all,

This is my first solo grasshopper project after watching many basic tutorials.
I have a few sliders on the left that must be linked to many aspects of the model.
Even though I’m still at the beginning of the project, the wiring looks very funky.

I still don’t wanna use clusters as I’m changing many things on the go.
Are there any wiring tutorials I should look out for? Are there any general guidelines I could pick up from more experienced users?
Or is this perfectly normal?

Hi, for each group I would create dedicated parameter components as a in- and output boundary. It may seem to be redundant, but it helps to disconnect, describe and reuse them.

Creating blue groups like this is pretty much what is known as “black boxes” in software development. At some point it does not matter how it works in detail if you thrust in the interface and its description. This effectively reduces mental load on larger scripts. And you already divide your script into good portions with single responsibility (at least it looks like). So good job so far!

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