Wireframes on Rendered Mode

Hi everyone,

I was trying to appear wireframes of objects in rendered mode. Because in rendered mode, if objects somehow touch each other, they seen like one combined object, this is the aim of the rendered mode I know.

I want to see differences these objects, is it possible to make them appear by setting Attributes of RhinoObject before adding to RhinoDoc?


This is a display mode setting.

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@nathanletwory Aha, I was thinking maybe it possibly related to objects like Isocurves that can be arrange by Attributes. Thanks!

@nathanletwory How can I set this setting as default when my plugin is opened?

You can create custom display modes based on existing ones like Rendered mode.

See DisplayModeDescription.DisplayAttributes Property on how to create a new display mode. DisplayPipelineAttributes Class for the properties on the display attributes of a display mode description.

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@nathanletwory Thanks!