Wireframe Structure to surfaces!

Hi community,

I wonder how I could make surfaces inside this wireframe ?

I was thinking to use Maybe the Sandbox topology tool, but I don’t know how this work…

Any ideas or suggestions with any plugin / or withtout ?
WIreframeSTR_CC.gh (4.3 KB)

The general case for a graph is closed cirquits (some call these: cycles or primary cycles) detection (Google that). Lot’s of topics on that matter in code related forums/sites (but keep in mind that quite a few solutions that are offered around are 100% crap) :

If memory serves well Petras posted a thread on that matter recently (but I can’t recall the name).

For cirquits with more that 4 members and if you want surfaces (not the ideal solution)… things start to get complicated: for example patch is out of question (huge elapsed times [IF a patch is valid to apply, that is] etc etc)

For loops that contain up to 4 members you can find cirquits via VV connectivity (plus: you’ll need island detection in your graph [also done via VV]). Easy via code, have no idea how to do it with components.

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Weaverbird has a ‘weave back’ mesh from lines component

Not suitable for the general case (plus … hmm … see attached).

Graphs_WB_ClosedCircuits_HopeDiesLast.gh (19.6 KB)

@PeterFotiadis, I didn’t I was digging into such a complexe thing oO … although thank you for all this information :slight_smile: ! And as @DanielPiker suggest, the Wb component is a good start.

I guess Ill have to pay attention to make quads when Im designing.


If your graph is due to some proximity thingy that’s rather impossible (but hope dies last).