Wireframe of SubD always visible with transparent material

If a SubD geometry has been covered with a transparent material, the wireframe cannot be switched off. Nurb’s geometries are not affected. The cuboids are nurbs. One with the same material (transparent) as the one SubD geometry.

Hi - I’m not seeing that here with a simple test.
Could you post a simple file?

here the files…

Radierung1 Textur 1.ini (7.1 KB) wireframeAlwaysOnSubD.3dm (160.3 KB)

Thanks, I can reproduce this with your display mode but have so far have been unable to recreate it with a new mode. You can fix the issue by opening the display mode’s settings and toggling off Advanced Texture Preview in the Shading settings. This fixes it here. I believe it is a bug with technical display modes and SubD wires and I’ve filed it as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59183

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Hi -
I see that with your display mode. I’ve thrown that on the list, but, note that you are using a heavily modified Technical Display that looks nothing like a technical display. I would recommend using regular display modes when features of the technical modes are not needed.

I see now that Brian has created an item and will delete mine…

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I made a copy of a display mode. After renaming it, I don’t know what the base was. There is no hint left. I recognized there are some setting other modes don’t have. Just editing to get a nice view for the situation and next time some more changes but don’t know if this was the technical mode.

It was a technical mode originally. I can tell from the Objects list in the mode settings but I understand it can be mysterious after changing the mode.

RH-59183 is fixed in the latest WIP