WireCut should allow pick edge


Don’t make me _DupEdge :persevere:


Nice one @ryan.odom - I would definitely use that!

It only makes sense! :slightly_smiling_face:


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I tend to think that curves need to be outside the object you are cutting to ensure that the Boolean operation works.
Do you want to be able to select a single surface edge? Would you use one surface edge to cut through another object, or the same one?
Can you share an example? Thanks

Hi Rajaa,

Since you have an input cutting curve (or edge curve), and once you have a cutting direction, shouldn’t your code be able to back off (in same cutting direction/opposite orientation) of the input edge so it cleanly cuts from outside the object? I feel that many editing tools in Rhino put the burden in the user that could be solved in the tool’s own code where there’s enough information so the command/instruction is not ambiguous.

Same goes to the whole clicking of a solid to wirecut: Why is the tool randomly picking what side of the cutting curve to keep/discard? Why is not consistent with the Trim command: you click the stuff you want to remove.



@gustojunk indeed some commands do move the cutting curve slightly, but this is not always predictable or desired. For example, WireCut the following example, the user will not want the curve to be moved:
As for the side to keep, WireCut does allow you to select the part to discard. Does this not work for you?

Hi Rajaa,

I don’t understand that example, sorry.

In my experience wirecut is always 9randomply/?) picking one side to remove, regardless of where I clicked on the part, see this video comparison of wirecut vs. trim:

You probably won’t like my solution Gustavo, but I always use Wirecut like I use BooleanSplit - keep all, and then I just select which part to delete and hit the delete button.

That’s what I’ve been doing for over a decade Mitch. It fact I have my Wirecut macroed to help with that.

I have a feeling this will get fixed this afternoon. All they have to do is copy-paste a couple lines of code from the trim.doc to the wirecut.doc

@Helvetosaur and @gustojunk The highlighted part is the one to keep. A mouse click toggles the parts (and highlight the other part). The “Invert” option also toggles the part to keep.

As for the example, if the curve is interesting the object to cut, you probably don’t want to move the curve at all.

I had no idea clicking again would flip things!

Do you still see in my video that the model highlights one half randomly, independently of were in the model I click? as compared to the Trim command, that where I click, is my way to tell Rhino what I want gone. Why can’t we have the same for Wirecut? …instead of just accepting that Rhino is just going to give me a random guess and I have a 50-50% change that I have to swap it?



Hi @rajaa, thanks for your reply.

Yes, or a single edge of a polysurface.

I often find myself in situations where there is an edge perfectly suitable to use to wirecut another object but have to go through the process of _DupEdge > _WireCut > Delete (Or dump said curve on a reference-object layer to use again.). It’s usually an object in close proximity to another object whose edge represents a datum that I want to use for a wirecut. Anytime _DupEdge > _WireCut works, the _WireCut code should just let me use that edge. This would A. save numerous clicks and B. keep models tidy by reducing the amount of rogue curves hanging out inside Rhino for no other purpose.

I am currently working on a corporate lobby where it’s walls have angled reveals that I am using to inform the massing of a seating arraignment. I found myself using _DupEdge 25+ times before carving into my seating concept with _WireCut. It will surely still be necessary to _DupEdge in some situations (when you need to extend your curve or otherwise modify it) but the majority of the time I have an edge that already fits the bill. Unfortunately, I cannot share this model even privately.


I saw your video and I can see where your expectations came from. I will add a YT asking WireCut to pay attention to selection point. Do you think the side selected should be the one to cut out or kept?

I think what you pick should be what you cut away, just like in Trim? Also I’m still in shock that I didn’t know that clicking again swaps the behavior, crazy stuff.


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Here you go…


Thank you!