Wirecut seems sporatic

I admit to not using wirecut very often, but like what ot does. I understand you make a cutting curve them pick an object to cut.
In my case , I’m cutting cinder block. When it doesn’t work it just makes a solid from the cutting curve. Using the latest WIP. Thanks,Mark
Extra info is , what I’m cutting came in as a block. If that helps.

It usually helps if you attach a 3dm file with the problematic geometry in it. Then others can either help you solve the problem, put the staff at mcneel have a reproducible problem so they can fix it.

block and curve.3dm (183.8 KB)
I should know better .Here it is. thanks,Mark

Can you provide the .3dm file before you used WireCut?

Also each time I split an object , I get a copy of the object during the split which ends up on the default layer.
One more thing I noticed. When going from raytracing to shaded in viewport properties, I dont even click on shade and it goes to shaded. Nice intuition, but not expected.
@pascal hope you get all this . Have a great week! Mark

Hi Mark - a block instance cannot be split, so it has to make a copy that is not a block and split that. The block instance remains unaltered.If you want the block definitions to have a split object, than do the splitting inside BlockEdit.
Sorry - I see you posted a file - it is not a block instance. But it works as expected here as far as I can see.


Thanks for the explanation. I knew it was something I was unaware of.Mark