Wirecut not working for hatch

Eagle Ray Wirecut Hatch.3dm (1.6 MB)
I have not been able to use wirecut to cut open a hole for a hatch in the wing. Suggestions would be much appreciated.

You’re model isn’t a solid, which makes it impossible for Rhino to discern between the inside and outside, which in turn renders Boolean operations, like wire-cutting, unreliable.

You can work around this by for instance extruding your hatch profile curve and using the extrusion to trim or split the concerned surfaces.

However, I would try to make the model a clean closed polysurface. If you ever want to apply chamfers and/or fillets, or manufacture the model - say with 3D printing or CNC machining -, you’ll need a watertight model anyway.

Thanks for noticing the naked edges. We are using this model to teach students from around the world how to use Rhino to design aircraft structures, and sometimes they do things that create naked edges. I can clean those up later. For now, would you please describe how to extrude the hatch profile curve? I normally only extrude planar curves, and the hatch profile curve is not planar. Thanks.

Hi Roland - I’d just use Split here.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the additional suggestion. I had tried SPLIT, but it was not working because there was an inner surface. I deleted the inner surface and correctly split to OPEN POLYSURFACE.