Wirecut bug

Here’s a simple object, with a curve that I want to use to wirecut the 3D part.
I want to keep the top section after the operation.

In v7, v8 the curve cuts away the top part of the object, without asking, or any of the options allowing it to remain. If the option is set to keepall=no, it fails to do anything.

In V5 and V6 both parts of the object remain after the cut ie it respects the option keepall=yes, or it allows selection of the part to cut away if keepall=no.

wirecut_bug.3dm (301.8 KB)

I can duplicate that problem
Filed as a regression.

I guess a work-around you could use Split from the Right viewport.
Not quite the same as WireCut but maybe useful.

RH-68897 is fixed in the latest WIP