Wirecut breaks Named Position

G’day All,

When wirecutting an object that has a pair of named positions, the named positions still affect the object, but moves it unexpectedly.

If the objects ID is destroyed in a wirecut, then why does the named position still affect it. And if the ID isn’t destroyed/replaced then why would named positions not behave normally.

Aside, FilletEdge doesn’t affect the named positions functionality, probably because the ID isn’t changed.

Original Position 1 (rectangular object on the left)

Position 2 (shift rectangle to the right)

Wirecut in Position 2 (keep all objects)

Result of restoring named position 1 (no change to positions, but expecting rectangle and wirecut circle to go back to the left)

Result of restoring position 2 (shifts object further right)

This probably isn’t possible due to accounting issues with the object ID, but desirable behaviour would be for the objects created after modifying a part that has a named position should retain the original named positions of the original part.