Wire on surface

Hallo, I am a dentist and I need help with my project.
Is there any option how can I easily add a virtual wire of specific dimensions and automaticly affine it on surface of 3D model? Than I would like to make stl model of this wire.
Can someone please help me with the method?

Thank you very much for your help.
LowerJawScan.stl (9.4 MB)

To create a curve (wire?) On the mesh, you can use the command project (on a curve), or section (straight lines) or curve by interpolating points with active vertex snap. Then you can transform the polyline in a curve with the “curve through the vertices of a polyline” command. At this point if you want to simplify the curve by reducing the number of points (recommended). Only at the end can you set the length of the curve with the command "divide curve by number of segments (length option).


thank you for your response. Its not like that. I mean, I need to make 3D model of wire on surface of model of teeth. I attached a screenshot what I mean. On a last picture there is upper view on 3D model and the yellow curve is the area where it touches the surface. On the first picture is the cross section of the wire. And I need whole 3D model of wire of stl.


You can project curve onto mesh. Resulting curve has to be rebuilt and “refine” to be able to use it as rail in sweep1 command.
Here is video how to start with that workflow but whole work will be to fine tune resulting curve…

Hello - if you project the curves onto an offset of the mesh, where the offset is the radius of the wire, the result will be the centerline of the wire - as a polyline of course but that may be a good starting point. Use OffsetMesh to get the offset mesh to project to.


thank you!!! thats exactly what i need! Thank you