Wire Frame display


I have been having problems with the wire frame display. When-ever I move (right click, hold down shift) of (right click rotate) the wire frame display turns to a cube segmented view. No matter what I am modeling, it turns to a segmented cube until I release the rotation or move mouse command. On release the view returns to what has been modeled.
I have created a new view to give me the wire frame view I have been used to, but I would like to keep to what I am used to.
Can you help?


do you mean the objects are displayed with a bounding box? make sure bbox is not checked in the display panel.

(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #3

See this picture



Thank you very much for your help, the drawing was particularly helpful. The issue which has been driving me mad like an itch I could`t reach, is now sorted. Many thanks