Wire connection

Hello everyone , i want to know if we can change type of wire connexion or it’s done automatically?

Hi Fatima -

Could you provide a bit more information? It isn’t clear to me what you are asking about.

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Hello , i m a beginner in grasshopper , so i was watching a video and when he done a connexion with two component the type of wire connexion was different from the one i did. So i want to know if we can change the type of wire connexion or it’s automatically ? thank you

Hi Fatima -
I’ve put your thread in the “Grasshopper” category.

It depends. Please always provide as much information as possible. When asking questions about Grasshopper, that will pretty much always mean that you should upload your *.gh file.

If it’s just the thickness of the wire that is different, you can change this by right-clicking on the input or output:

If it’s something else, than either that person is using a plug-in or has modified Grasshopper settings, or you have made a mistake in the way data flows through the definition.

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okey understood thaaaank u so much

Check also this:
2023-04-11 13_48_47-Window
It’s useful to have “fancy wires” turned on.
Single line = single item
Double line = list of items
Dashed double line = tree of items (like a “list of lists”)

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Yes i did it right now and it works, thank you so much.

You can play with this too: WiresRenderer | Food4Rhino