WIP6 6.16.19155.12084 Curve Through Point BUG?

Best as these two brain cells will let me remember, Control Point Curve and Curves Through Point behaved similarly in letting me live-select points upon command. This doesn’t appear to be the case with the current beta for the latter. No selection cross-hairs provided, it only allows me to pre-select points before it’ll draw the curve AFTER clicking Done.
Interestingly, the end-result at least does follow the order of the points I’m picking (points 1 to 7 to 3 to 9, etc)

More oddity in this vein…

Marquee-drag to select the series of points (I’m supposing that to Rhino, the points are sequentially added left to right), and invoke Curve Through Point. A wavy curve is immediately generated.

On another set of points, marquee-select them, invoke Control Point Curve aaaaand nothing. Rhino now expects me to click on these already-highlighted points. When I do, the selection crosshairs come on and I’m live-picking points (that then get un-highlighted).

it’s been always like this as far as I know