WIP20-141015 No Object Snap after Upgrading to Yosemite

I have been using the previous version Rhino WIP20 (before the optional licence key version) happily, running Mavericks on my MacBook Pro. Upgraded to Yosemite and suddenly object snap didn’t work any more (plus I also realised that switching from single view back to 4 views by double-clicking on the view name in the corner stopped working either.

I upgraded to WIP20-141015 (licence key worked beautifully, by the way), but it didn’t fix the snap problem. Hopefully I’m just overlooking a detail somewhere, but I didn’t change any setting or anything else except for my OS…

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update: Object snap started working again as soon as I unplugged my mouse (Mad Catz RAT). I don’t know if this is an issue with this specific mouse or generally with using a mouse on my MacBook Pro, though the mouse does not case any issues elsewhere.

Does your mouse have a driver that you installed? Perhaps the driver is not compatible with OS X Yosemite. Try uninstalling the driver and see what happens.

Thanks Marlin, it’s indeed a curious issue! The mouse does not have a driver, but it uses software to customise its functions. There is probably a compatibility problem between this software and Yosemite, though it’s really funny that issues arise as soon as the mouse is plugged in, even when I use the trackpad.
Well, the bottom line is that either Apple or Mad Catz still have a bit of homework cut out for them. At least Rhino is doing fine.

Hey guys! I have a RAT-mouse and figured out how to resolve the issues with rhino. Apparently the Mad Catz application needs to be allowed control of the computer in the system prefs.

Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. Under the “Privacy” tab select “Accessibility” and check the box for “Mad Catz Editor”. That’s about it!