WIP Tabbed Interface quirks


In the WIP, I have noticed that adding new files to a tabbed interface covers the top partially toolbar.
I have to resize the window a bit to make it pop back into view. I have not noticed this in 5.3.2
This only appears to happen in the WIP at different window sizes.

Secondly, When I add a new document to my tabbed interface the left hand side bar resets and I can’t see all my tools.
I have to end up hide and unhiding to make them show. Resizing the window also works.

(Brian James) #2

Thanks for the report, can you explain more about what you mean here? Do you mean opening a new file when one is already open?


This is occurring when I open a new file after I have one already open ( 2 or more tabs). Every additional new document tab effects the interface this way. Mainly when the rhino window is not pulled to full screen.


Here is a video showing what I am seeing. Hope this helps.
This only happens when my rhino screen does not occupy 100% of the screen. For example, If I reduce my rhino window down to anything less than 90% of the screen, I get this behavior 100% of the time.

Left Sidebar - will not restore after relaunch 5E199w
(Brian James) #5

Thank you for the video… I filed https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-41380