WIP Tabbed Interface quirks

In the WIP, I have noticed that adding new files to a tabbed interface covers the top partially toolbar.
I have to resize the window a bit to make it pop back into view. I have not noticed this in 5.3.2
This only appears to happen in the WIP at different window sizes.

Secondly, When I add a new document to my tabbed interface the left hand side bar resets and I can’t see all my tools.
I have to end up hide and unhiding to make them show. Resizing the window also works.

Thanks for the report, can you explain more about what you mean here? Do you mean opening a new file when one is already open?

This is occurring when I open a new file after I have one already open ( 2 or more tabs). Every additional new document tab effects the interface this way. Mainly when the rhino window is not pulled to full screen.

Here is a video showing what I am seeing. Hope this helps.
This only happens when my rhino screen does not occupy 100% of the screen. For example, If I reduce my rhino window down to anything less than 90% of the screen, I get this behavior 100% of the time.

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Thank you for the video… I filed https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-41380

I think Apple might have fixed this.

I am unable to reproduce this bug in the latest Release Candidate for Rhino 6 for Mac 6.20 when running on macOS Catalina. (However, I am able to reproduce it running on macOS Mojave).

If you are running macOS Catalina and the most recent Release Candidate, please test this one again and let us know how things go.