WIP - Space ship from Yoko Tsuno comics

The Yoko Tsuno comics was a favourite of mine as a child. Written by Roger Leloup they tell the adventures of Japanese engineer Yoko Tsuno living in Belgium (where Leloup is from) and the spaceships (which belong to an extraterrestrial race called the Vineans) are some of my first recollections of thinking “This is just so cool!”. This is a spare time/pet project of mine, so progress is primarily made when both kids and the missus are sleeping :slight_smile:


Yoko Tsuno is great. I also read the comics when I was a kid.

Very cool rendition of the spaceship.

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Lovely work and nicely presented (clean, with depths and really fitting to the comics). I loved the comics as a kid (from Belgium) and the sheer vastness of Leloups imagination still shines today.

Some of the best early sci-fi designs from my childhood. Awesome!!! Bring out the Vinean fleet!

Such a great looking ship. Especially love the back view…

The conundrum here is that Roger Leloup, the author of Yoko Tsuno was a visionary.

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OMG, this is incredible! Jakob, you are a hero.This would make a great 3D print too. Is there an STL file available for these?

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Skylab there ! R.I.P. :pleading_face:

Hi @Robin_Riedmann
Thanks! I love those comics! Well, I never got around to actually finishing this - but I will… someday :grimacing:
No STL available, but I guess you could ShrinkWrap the whole thing in Rhino 8 and print it :slight_smile:
It’s a rather large file (300+ MB), but I’d be happy to share it - in it’s unfinished state - if you are interested?
Regards, Jakob

Hi @Normand
Thanks. I will gladly give it a try! Not familiar with Rhino 8 so far, just recently learned Fusion 360. I will let you know how it turns out.
Regards, Robin

Missed this the first time around, what a great subject, and what great execution!

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Hi @Robin_Riedmann
I didn’t forget! I’ll be in the office tomorrow and will post a link for the file :+1:

Hi @Robin_Riedmann
As promised, here is a link for the file. As mentioned, this was/is just a pet project, and the modelling might not be completely clean in all areas :grimacing: There used to be a few Sub-D’s in there (seats, mainly), but I’ve converted them to NURBS at some point (don’t remember why!). Since the original ship exists only in 2D drawings, the look is not coherent throughout the comics. Details change over time/albums/pages and depending on the LOD of the drawings, so a fair amount of artistic liberty has been taken. There’s a (turned off) layer called “landing gear out” with, well, the landing gear (including the stairs) out - swap it for “landing gear in” if you need it to stand on the ground. The warp drive/light speed drive is on a layer of its own as well, and the sub-light speed engines are just hidden underneath, so turn that layer off to get the slow version :joy:

Please feel free to do whatever you want with the model - it’s just spare time shenanigans for me. I hope to do the mag rail next, although I might need to win the lottery and retire first :crazy_face:
Here’s the link:
Cheers, Jakob


Thanks, Jakob. On your cake day, no less :sunglasses:

Holy Rhino, I didn’t even know (there should be a splash screen when logging in! :joy:). Has it really been 11 years since we migrated from the old NG? How time flies :grimacing:
Well, I guess this is the NG-equivalent of bringing a cake :slight_smile:

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Great work! :slight_smile: Hobby modeling like this is a nice way to get away from the daily work routines.
In the past I used to create some spaceships from various animated series, bud sadly they got lost in a faulty hard drive.

Looks like there is some sort of an attachment at the back of the ship. This link leads to a 3d model with a short animation showing the process of attachment:

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Hi @Rhino_Bulgaria
If you look at the original post, you’ll see that the light speed drive is actually there on the first two renderings; it’s just a smaller (and earlier) version than the one you posted. Leloup’s idea was that the large part was left in orbit as the actual ship landed on whatever planet they were visiting (IIRC). The spaceships in the series changed quite a lot over the years, so I need to buy myself the latest albums, I can see :grinning:


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Yeah, I totally understand that. Comic.books often feature spaceships that have substantial differences across the issues.

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Don’t ask how it became my daughter’s favorite comic book :wink:
Anyway, I have all of them. So I can scan any page you’d like.