WIP - Space ship from Yoko Tsuno comics

The Yoko Tsuno comics was a favourite of mine as a child. Written by Roger Leloup they tell the adventures of Japanese engineer Yoko Tsuno living in Belgium (where Leloup is from) and the spaceships (which belong to an extraterrestrial race called the Vineans) are some of my first recollections of thinking “This is just so cool!”. This is a spare time/pet project of mine, so progress is primarily made when both kids and the missus are sleeping :slight_smile:


Yoko Tsuno is great. I also read the comics when I was a kid.

Very cool rendition of the spaceship.

Lovely work and nicely presented (clean, with depths and really fitting to the comics). I loved the comics as a kid (from Belgium) and the sheer vastness of Leloups imagination still shines today.

Some of the best early sci-fi designs from my childhood. Awesome!!! Bring out the Vinean fleet!

Such a great looking ship. Especially love the back view…

The conundrum here is that Roger Leloup, the author of Yoko Tsuno was a visionary.

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