WIP renderings, "Dyer Pavilion"

…two versions of a deliberately non-photorealistic illustration for a work-in-progress project, entirely theoretical (as always) and treating on certain topics involving Classicism and the projection of oppressive authority in architecture.

Some of these motifs are derived from the work of the English baroque architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, who happens to have a villainous counterpart called “Nicholas Dyer” in Hawksmoor, a 1985 award-winning novel by Peter Ackroyd. For lack of a better title, for the moment I am referring to this project as “the Nicholas Dyer Pavilion” or simply the “Dyer Pavilion”.

I make these images by capturing viewports with custom display modes and layering/over-painting the results in Photoshop. The black, red, and white version of this illustration is actually composed of shuffled masks and output used to create the first, more-painterly image. I usually crop my final renderings to square format, but the third image here is the full uncropped version of the second.

Eventually I plan to create fly-through animations for this project, as suggested by @3dsynergy in his comments on one of my previous posts.

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