WIP on Windows 8.0

So that message appears only if you are running Win8 then? We have a lot of computers still on Win 7. We don’t have any on Win 8 so we should be fine. As for Win10, once you shut off everything that turns it into a cloud portal it seems okay.


Not really. It’s still painful to get at certain settings without going through all the tablet - like screens. The start screen was nicely customizable in Win 8 (with a helper app), they shut all that off in Win 10. I just don’t find it offers me anything more than Win 8.


I profoundly disagree. On my machine, Windows 10 works as good and in many ways better than Win7.


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Well, we’re not talking about Windows 7 vs Windows 10 here, we’re talking about Windows 8.0 vs Windows 8.1…

Guess I thought you were talking about Windows 10 given your quote above. My bad. And then my Start menu quit working. Maybe it does suck!

Odd. I got the “no can do” message after having short-circuited the auto-update, downloaded the latest WIP from the website and run the installer… Having re-opened the previously installed version later, on closing I see it had auto-downloaded the update as well, I clicked “install now” and it went ahead and installed anyway… :upside_down: --Mitch

windows7? windows8? really?
why stick to old software for so long?

ok, for a big company making a transition to a newer os every year is too much for the it department.

for me windows 10 works better than 7 and 8 ever did.
you are also not using rhino4 anymore, right?

I don’t have Windows 7 anymore, was not all that fond of it.
I have Windows 8.0 and 8.1 installed on two machines, and both are fine. There is absolutely no problem with either of them. Up to to you to tell me what “works better” in Windows 10 and what “works better” actually means.

I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10, I don’t really like 10 much better. I did that as an experiment, will be getting a new machine sometime soon, and obviously that will be with Windows 10 anyway.

My general policy with Windows computers is “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”, the OS installed is there for the life of the machine unless there is a major problem. The catch with the work machine is that is was a fairly high-end custom built machine when it was built, and as such still has a pretty good level of performance. So, in keeping with my policy outlined above, the machine will probablyofficially retire with me (in about a year and a half), still running win 8.0.

Nothing I have seen/use on the Win 10 install on my laptop looks or works any better than Win 8, and the start screen is a step downward. So why should I bother?


Not completely sure what you refer to here. I don’t think I have a start screen on my win 10.

That’s because you’re using it like Win 7… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Of course!

I never used Win8, but my son did. He updated to 8.1 as soon as it was available.

Are you still going to be present here after you retire?






This is still logged as RH-364262. there was a bunch of complication in the installer about properly detecting the existence of some required Windows components. I figured out how to detect them on Windows 7 (require SP2) and Windows 8 (require 8.1), as well as Windows 10 (check the version of a Windows System DLL). I couldn’t figure out how to determine whether Windows 8.0 was compatible without 8.1 installed.

Since Windows 8.1 is a free service release for Windows 8, and because I’ve heard of nobody having issues upgrading their computers, and because exceedingly few people actually run Windows 8, I’ve made this issue lower priority than other issues that affect a broader set of customers.

Microsoft has already ended all support for 8.0 and they only support 8.1. Just as they have ended support for XP and Vista (in a few weeks). 8.1 is a free upgrade from 8.

Well, hopefully, yes ! I’m only retiring from my “day job” at the university (federal age rules apply), but I will continue to be a reseller and user for as long as I can. It may be that I will spend somewhat less time in here, what with my no longer being in front of a computer screen all day most days as I am now… But there is lots of furniture and perhaps some sculptures to design to fill the house… We’ll see.


Yep. Well Windows 10 was a “free” upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 as well…

I have no problem going to 8.1 - I am already there on my home WS because the original computer with 8.0 didn’t survive the fire and its replacement fell in the 8.1 period - but there is a fly in the ointment. The following start screen, which I spent a fair amount of time building, may get wiped out in the transition, and it would take me a day or so to re-create it.

This is my one-click navigation central to the files, folders, apps and sites I go to most often on my computer or the net, no matter how deeply nested the stuff is. And you just can’t customize the start screen in Windows 10 to this extent, they more or less closed off 3rd party app access to it - there are some crutches available out there but they’re still painful. And the latest Win 10 update turned what I did manage to do on my start screen into garbage. Hence I am hesitant.


Hi Mitch,

I just found this article outlining Microsoft’s End of Life for Windows 8 over a year ago.
As a result, I changed RH-36426 from the state “Open” to “Won’t fix”.

OK, whatever.
I guess at some point the state of my work computer’s WIP install will change from “Testing” to “Won’t Open”.

Yes, about 45 days after the last install that succeeded on your computer.