WIP Nissan Skyline

While you have certainly a much better insight into the automotive sector, Class-A surfacing (albeit maybe not “true” or “100%” or complete…) has its place in other sectors for instance product design.
Quite often the very high surface quality is only requested for the basic surface layout and for the bigger blend surfaces, but not for all minuscule edge blending.
Rhino plus ADShapemodeling (ex VSR) was perfect for this and is the reason I still use Version 5.
Better handling of surface creation, matching, blending Rebuild etc to match “basic” ClassA in Rhino Would be a blessing.


Yes VSR was almost 2/3 of all required tools, very close to Icem Surf. But unfortunatly they stopped the development. Icem Surf has also great disadvantages. Its not a better CAD software. Its actually a lot worse then Rhino when it comes to User Experience, automation and versatility.Alone of the fact that you cannot undo more then 1 step :man_facepalming: But especially when it comes to precise modelling, advanced blending and matching, its still one of the best platform out there. Not to speak of all the specialised tools for automotive (such as window barrel creation, head impact analysis etc.)

I am late . I just discovered your work!
you have talent alexandre. great work!

Merci Fares , l’admiration est mutuelle

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Better, more practical tools to analyse surface continuities.
(V7 wip doesn’t cut it)
Active analysis tools during modeling operations.
Explicit control over degree and spans during surface creation.
Cleaner trimmed edges.
Better control over edge-endpoint conditions for matching and blending.
Surface extend without change of degree and with full curvature continuity.
These would help a lot.
(Did I miss something?)

Cheers, Norbert

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