WIP material editor numerical slider

Hi McNeel
Being able to use the keyboard in the nummerical sliders (dbl. click to activate and up/down arrows to adjust) is a neat feature for fine-tuning things like roughness etc., if only the adjustment was a little more fine-tuned, eg. 0.1 or 0.01 (or it could be a custom setting!). Currently the “adjustment jump” is 1, and since a lot of the domains are from 0 to 1 or -1 to 1, it’s not really helping. Could this be changed? In V7, where all the parameters are in %, it makes more sense to use 1 (which I guess would make 0.01 the natural successor in the 0-1 domains).
TIA, Jakob


We are currently working on these controls. Do you have a specific use case in v8 where you would want more decimals? We have been replacing steppers with sliders as they give a better feedback when changing the value.

Is the Roughness that you write about the PBR material Roughness parameter?


I don’t think it is necessarily about the precision to show, but rather how small the increments and decrements are on using the arrow keys. So instead of changing +/-1 change say +/-0.1 or +/-0.01, etc.

Yes it is about increments, but remember that in Rhino v8 most of the steppers have been replaced with sliders.

Here for instance in the metallic slider the up and down arrow key on the keyboard jump +/-1.0, the request is to have that jump be smaller or configurable to something more useful like +/-0.01, possibly larger or bigger with different modifier keys pressed at the same time.

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That is a bug that I can fix. The edit box for the value should increment with the same amount as the slider. In this case .01. :ok_hand:


Hi @maxsoder and @nathanletwory
Yes, exactly what you guys said :slight_smile: :+1:
Edit: I should of course have specified that I was refering to the Detailed Settings section!