WIP has suddenly started to beachball

I was using the interecect command to check my line work and the program began to fail. I’ve restarted three times now and the file seems to be messed up. I noted the file has fattened up to almost 84 megabytes when the last interation was only up to 8.4 I’m lost in this case. Any notion of what’s causing this performance problem?

ArgoFlex10.3dm.zip (8.0 MB)

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@JKayten use the LayerStateManager to save your current layer state. Unlock all locked layers and objects, make everything visible, then run _SelDup:

Found 55364 duplicates. 1233 points, 54129 curves, 2 surfaces added to selection.

Once you deleted these duplicated objects, the saved file size will be around 11 megabytes. Then restore your saved layer state.


Good grief! I have an ongoing problem with generating duplicates! I thought I’d managed to stop it but apparently not. Thanks very much for the succinct and effective advice. I suppose I should create a macro to do this task and apply it on a regular basis.

Something Like this?

Open layers State - save current layer state - Open and make visible all layers and sublayers - select duplicates - delete duplicates - restore layer state

Not really. You should just stop creating duplicates that you don’t intend to be there…

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Yes, but as you can see from an earlier string, I’ve yet to ‘just not’ do such a thing.

I know. This keeps on showing up again and again in your threads. You really have to focus on this now. At every step you take, look back and see if you have any duplicates. You need to find out how you do that.

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Maybe you have a keyboard shortcut in the mac version to copy in place and you accidentally hit this in the past. You might check and remove the shortcut to see if it gets better. (Under Windows this is CTRL+D), easy to hit if you for example save using CTRL+S…


James, I think the problem has something to do with using ‘Intersect’ on concurrent lines, see images:

I think you may have nailed it. In my effort to be precise I’ve generated a great deal of waste. I was taking advice I’d recieved some time back to check my modeling and had no idea such would happen. I would always select points after I finished and delete them. I’d no idea the process was making lines as well.

I’m in the habit of keying command+s to save my work - that’s the mac convention. I use command+1 through 6 to get to different views of the model. As far as I know this is not an issue. But at this point ‘certainty’ is anything but.

When I’m using intersect to check a model or to create temporary curves for modeling purposes I usually have a separate layer named Intersect or Temp checked as the current layer when I execute Intersect. The results of Intersect reside on the selected layer. It’s simple to check that layer to see if duplicates are resulting (in Rhino for Windows right click on the layer name, left click on Select Objects, and look at the count of what was selected), and also to delete the results when no longer needed.

Also, for those layers I use bright colors which are not normally used for other layers. That makes it simple to see the results.