WIP freezes/crashes with pointlight if Linear on large file

Hi guys, I opened a large file in V7 to add some point lights to test out the new linear fall off, but that freezes Rhino 7 when I zoom out.

I also see that linear falloff does not support shadows as therse are calculated through out the entire scene even outside the falloff zone.
Regarding that, we need a setting for the falloff too, to determine what that radius is. In other words it needs to be a linear falloff within a given distance, not just a fixed value.

I can not share the file though, but you should be able to reproduce this with a default large architecutre scene I am sure you have lying around :slight_smile:

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Hi @Holo Thanks for the report… I haven’t been able to reproduce a crash or freeze here using Linear falloff for point lights. You mention it’s happening when you zoom out so I think you are in a viewport in either Rendered or Raytraced mode. Can you confirm which and can you make a file that you can share that shows this as well? I also can see shadows from point lights in Rendered and Raytraced modes when using Linear falloff.

@andy may have an idea on specifying a range, I was under the impression this was based on intensity.