WIP Expiring?

What’s that about?

You’ve got 44 whole days…!

There’s a new one every week or so, so no need to worry.

Question is, I installed a newly downloaded (without prior installation) at work today and nothing of that sort happened. Why is it that when I updated the version I have at home this happens?

Should appear on the splash screen every time you open the WIP. Unless you have turned off the splash screen?

On fresh installation? No, I didn’t at work before launching it. On the Rhino6 I did, I always delete the splash dll there, but I doubt they are connected.

This was asked also 5 days ago Rhino V7 looks to be limited to 30 days

Ok but why?
Why all of a sudden this appears?

It has been there always. You probably didn’t have the license tab in the splash active.

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That’s possible. I hate this splash so much, i didn’t care to notice it has tabs.