Wip crash, when open a file it asks to open crash file but still opens the other file


Sorry for the long topic description :slight_smile:

WIP just crashed when I was messing with a file with some curves with curve piping and some surfaces with thickness, and when I opened WIP after the crash I click on one of the other “recent files” and it then said it had crashed and wondere if I wanted to open the automatic save, and I clicked yes. But it still opened the other file… with out any explanation.

(Brian Gillespie) #2

Logged as RH-38193.

(Tim Hemmelman) #3

Hi Jørgen,

I searched our code for the term “crashed” based on your description above and couldn’t find anything similar. I suspect it’s not easy, nor desirable, to attempt to repeat the process in order to capture the exact message you saw. However, it would might tracking this down possible if you could give me precise wording. In the meantime I’ll try searching for “automatic” too.


(Tim Hemmelman) #4

Nevermind. I’ve started to figure how to track this down.

(Tim Hemmelman) #5

Hi Jørgen,

Can you look at the steps I describe in https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-38193 and tell me how yours might have differed. I wasn’t able to repeat what you described but I’m not sure I have the steps right.