WIP - checkbox in Osnap status bar does not stay checked

This is just a display thing, the actual function is working.


Thanks, Mitch -
I’m not getting the same UI as what you show but I’m equally unable to get that to show a check mark…
Are you reporting something else than what I’ve noted down here:
RH-72687 StatusBar: Osnap RMB → Show doesn’t do anything

That’s odd - this is the latest WIP (last week’s) with all default settings - why should your UI be different than mine?

Can’t access that link in YouTrack…

Yes, a little bit different from your description - it actually does what it is supposed to, it’s just that the “Osnap Control On” checkbox doesn’t show checked even though it should be. You see it check briefly when you click on it, but if you re-open the pane afterwards, it isn’t checked anymore, “Off” is checked instead.


Hmm, why is my interface different than the one shown in YouTrack?