WIP Build 5D74w - Explicit History / StartAtomEditorListener?

Hi Dan,
I’m a Rhino Windows user at work but also a MAC user at home. I’ve updated my WIP build to the most current and I am using OSX El Cap. (10.11.6.)
At home I’m using an evaluation version mostly for tinkering with scripting. I have Atom running with the Rhino-Python package. For some reason, when I try to run “Explicit History” or the “StartAtomEditorListener” I get an “unknown commands” in the WIP.? Is this because I’m running the evaluation and haven’t purchased a Rhino-MAC licence? Or is there something else causing these missing commands? I was able to run them in previous versions of the WIP… any help or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you. Omri

Hi Omri,

Sorry for the late reply… this one slipped through the cracks. Did you ever get ExplicitHistory to open?

If you didn’t, could you send us your system information (Rhinoceros menu > About Rhinoceros > More information > Copy to clipboard > paste it in this email)?

Also, did you validate the license? If not, can you run the ValidateLicense command > follow the steps > quit and reopen Rhino > does ExplicitHistory work?