WIP - Acura NSX 2017

Hi, in this thread I will post the updates of the class I’m making for my students about how to model an Acura NSX 2017, trying to apply and explain what I’ve learnt in this forum about clean surfaces, matching techniques, etc.


Here is the first surfaces trying to determine which ones is better to model first to have as reference for the transition surfaces.

I recently bough the blueprints, so for the next class, I have to update the references and surfaces.

The classes are once per week and less than 2 hours each so it will be quite a long project.
the idea also is to use more the perspective than the ortho views to align and improve the shape

I made few more surfaces while explaining and modifing others:

I merged and changed a little the front wheel arch

about this 3 surfaces, they doesn’t match quite well but I think I have to change them or maybe make them in a different way.


here is the speed modeling of the class last night
I fixed some areas and delet others to rework them


Fantastic model, congratulations !

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seems like a tough challenge for your students. How many weeks can they work on it? I hope you’ll make a slow video as well.

for them the video is in normal speed , I mean I’m recording the classes.

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Looks good so far!

Just your wheel-arch doesn’t look right:

In theory you build them like this, while door surfaces are as straight as possible in z direction:



thanks! yes one of the things I make special enphasis is that we will rebuild and remake almost every single surface at least 2 times until we get something decent.
I didn’t know about the wheel arch direction. I will pay more atention
I’m using some Alias references from Behance for the surface layout too.
one of the things I don’t like yet is the front light surface, is too stretched or something. I mean is good to aproximate the shape in this frist steps but I will have to make it in a different way :

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You did a fantastic job! Wonderfull skill :heartpulse:

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Yes, you clearly see the twist on the right blue circle. Its a quite difficult area, but maybe you rebuild once you have the rough front bumper. I remember that front and side surfaces are always almost z aligned from their main perspective. This makes them easier to match in general. In this case it would mean making them more rectangular and trimming at the headlight cutout. Its actually quite a difficult car.

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yes it has tricky shapes but I choose it mainly because is easier to see where surfaces starts and ends.
in early years I only used the camaro tutorial from Vladimir Panchencho for the same reason, but is quite old and now I know a cuple of things more about surfaces to make it better.

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make sure to show your students Sky Greenawalts recent video series here:

and Brian James here:

both should be required watching for ALL modelers new or old…


sure, I’m watching them too. I found some interesting concepts very well explained there

first update

Hi Diego, from the post it looks like you made the initial image and that isn’t the case is it? I see the same image when searching the car, but then the image is mirrored.
If this is the case then I don’t think it should be the first image since it pops up in the Rhino gallery banner appearing to be a Rhino model :slight_smile:

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yes I saw it. ok I will delete the image to not lie I guess

You don’t need to delete it, just move it down in the post and say it’s a reference picture :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing Useful idea and workflow :thinking:


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there is the second Update

good job !
I hope you can finish the modeling
I guess it takes a lot of patience

yes. specially with the students, haha

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