WIP 8 Wish - Fix Box Edit UI (This is a Bump, I believe)

I couldn’t find where this had been discussed briefly before, and it’s a small thing, but I’d love to see the Box Edit UI able to fit all its verbiage, so that when Pivot Loc is changed, it doesn’t Scroll the entire panel.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.
RH-69904 BoxExit: don’t scroll


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Thank so much, @pascal – Thanks for all the work you’re all putting into v8!

Hi @pascal - Bumping this again. Hope that’s ok.
Checked the issue tracker and seems it died a quick death :melting_face:

Alt suggestion: Keep text within existing panel parameter by:

1. Shorten phrasings

  • “Pivot Location” shortens to “Pivot” and/or…
  • “Block Instances use insertion point” becomes “Block Insert Point”

2. Make “Pivot” its own section so the radio buttons/text slide left.

I asked…


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