WIP 7 using rhino 5 license?


I’d really like to test out the Rhino 7 WIP but I only have a rhino 5 license. Would it still be possible to trial with the version 5 license?

Many thanks

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Sorry, the next version WIPs have always been for owners of the latest release only.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. That is a shame! With some free time on my hands now it would have been a good.

Thanks again

HI @nathalie

Have you tried Rhino V6 Evaluation Here?

Cheers Fred!

I was super keen to try the SubD feature…is this a feature in v6?

Many thanks

Sorry, no.
More info on Rhino WIP 7–SubD Here

I am super sad that I can’t test Rhino 7 as Rhino 5 user :frowning: Everyone is excited about SubD but I can only wait to buy my upgrade as soon as it’s released, which is … nobody knows, right?

Our best guess is sometime in 2020