WIP 6 Solid Tools - move hole and delete hole messed up

When I try to move a hole with object snapping, the hole goes back to it’s original location when I pick the move to point location.

When the delete hole command is selected by the icon, the command line says “Unknown command: -_DeleteHole”. When delete hole is selected from the pull down, part of the polysurface disappears when the hole is deleted.

Work In Progress
(6.0.17206.9241, 7/25/2017)

Hi Bill -

try ToolbarReset to make sure you have the most recent toolbars installed - if it’s still goofy, let me know.

Please post an example of the move hole failure & polysurface disappearing as well


Hi Pascal,
Resetting the toolbar did the trick. It looks like it took care of the other hole editing issues as well.
Thanks for your help.