WIP 6 Solid Tools - move hole and delete hole messed up


When I try to move a hole with object snapping, the hole goes back to it’s original location when I pick the move to point location.

When the delete hole command is selected by the icon, the command line says “Unknown command: -_DeleteHole”. When delete hole is selected from the pull down, part of the polysurface disappears when the hole is deleted.

Work In Progress
(6.0.17206.9241, 7/25/2017)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Bill -

try ToolbarReset to make sure you have the most recent toolbars installed - if it’s still goofy, let me know.

Please post an example of the move hole failure & polysurface disappearing as well


Frozen Viewports?

Hi Pascal,
Resetting the toolbar did the trick. It looks like it took care of the other hole editing issues as well.
Thanks for your help.