WIP 6 Six Legged Bug

So I’ve been in process of manipulating some geometry with gumball when it happened again ( fourth time over the past couple of months to be precise).
Suddenly RBM can only zoom in or out no rotation allowed. LMB pointer when hover over any tool button behaves as if this was Ctrl LMB ( Copy, Link ) and clicking on button would copy it. No command execution is possible even though I can still save and close from the file menu.

Dump file is created. I did’t attached because it’s almost 40 MB. All previous crashes had 0 kb size. It seems here that crash occurs especially when two instances of WIP are opened. That exactly what happened today. I’ve noticed, after closing both instances, task manager still shows Rhino 6 Developer Build running at 13%.

Now the funny part; I took a screen shot so to show my task manager with Developer build still running. I opened PaintShopPro and paste it there but when trying to access any tools PSP crashed. Trying to open it again, Rhino WIP fired up instead even though I clicked on PSP desktop shortcut. I tried one more time and same thing happened. Each time another Rhino Developer Build showing in my task manager adding up almost to 100% of CPU usage.

Clicking on desktop and rotating MMB would rearrange & resize my desktop icons…!!! it’s like the entire system went crazy. Rebooting is the only way to restore sanity…


Work In Progress
(6.0.17010.13211, 1/10/2017)
SN: 4-1600-0106-100-0000993-45700

Windows 7 Professional

Here is the rar crush dump file


RhinoCrashDump.rar (7.3 MB)

What display mode are you using while the crash happens?

it was shaded