Wingtip procedure

Cannot remember and also cannot find here thread on it, how to take an aerofoil section and sweep it out to the wingtip or as in this case tailplane tip, I think one uses point option, can someone do a small video or step by step ?

also useful for propeller tips and anything else of that nature.
file attached.
wingtip.3dm (72.6 KB)



Hi Steve - this is how I think I’d do this - the surface could be simpler and my trim could match your outer curve shape a lot better, but this general layout.

Wingtip_PG.3dm (131.7 KB)

Hi, unable to open, I am v5.
also from what I can see the central area extends out without dipping downwards from the tailplane tip joint, the capping there for the tip normally sees everything dipping towards the tip point.

I seem to recall seeing this involve use of Point option somehow.

I just tried loft and using the upper half of the profile only and Point it lofted it, but the underside twists madly whatever I try.

…and now I try split the outer curve at its midpoint, then use sweep2rails, select the two halves of the edge of the wingtip, then select the airfoil section and success… ,see attached.
wingtip_split the outer curve.3dm (142.3 KB)