Winforms not returning errors in Rhino 6

Hello, I am developing a python plug in for rhino using the Winforms UI, and recently made the switch from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6. When I am testing the UI in Rhino 6 and press a button that should cause an error, nothing happens. Previously in Rhino 5 this would return an error in the Rhino Python Editor.

I am running the UI using Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowSemiModal(my_winform_ui)

Does Winforms act differently in Rhino 6 vs Rhino 5, or is there a variable I should have on to allow errors to show up?

Let me know what other information I should provide if needed. Thanks!

Hi @BenFeicht, have you tried to catch errors in your code like below:

    # your code with errors
except Exception as ex:
    print ex

Yes, on some functions i’ve seen different behaviour with WinForms in V6. V5 was not firing errors in delegates which now works in V6. You seem to see the opposite. It would be helpful to see some example code.