Windows Update KB4515384 kept Rhino from starting up

Hi all,

I couldn’t get Rhino started this night, the splashscreen showed up but transparant. Also Safe mode didn’t work. Task manager showed a quick Windows error, but I couldn’t find out exactly what it was.

I have removed some updates from the last days, but removing KB4515384 installed on the 11th September did the trick.

Please check McNeel, thx

FWIW I have this update installed and have no problem starting Rhino 5 or 6. The update includes security related changes and I have had to re-sign in to some accounts recently (as a consequence or a coincidence I know not), including my McNeel account, so your problem might relate to retrieving the licence from the Cloud Zoo.

That update installed for me on 9/12 and no problems here.
There must have been some sort of semi related failure and more to the story.

It will be interesting if we see more problems related to this.
We do see an ongoing uptick in display related issues follow Windows updates. Generally, updating the display adapter drivers sorts the problems.

Hi Jeremy and John,

Thanks for this reply. Will keep an eye on it and will report if this problem returns. Retrieving the license was my first thought indeed. Will look into it.


Hi Jeremy,

KB4515384 just got installed again and the problem is back. I see the splashscreen opening for 3 seconds and when the license is retreiving from license manager it crashes/stops.

So this seems related to the update I would say. Will uninstall it again. and report back.

Edit: Yes Rhino starts after removing the update

I see reports that this update is causing Wi-Fi connectivity problems with certain network adapters. Did you see any sign of that outside of Rhino?


I half remember that the Splash screen is mostly a .NET thing.
By chance, if you look at your Windows updates, are there any failed .NET updates and did no succeed with a later attempt?

Step 3 in

explains how you can stop Windows continually reinstalling the update each time you uninstall it.


I will keep the update out for a while. I’m not on WiFi so can’t say. It looks like the connection to the license server gets blocked/interupted.

Let’s wait and see if more users experience this.


This problem is back. After the latest September update, Rhino 6 crash on start up when external monitors are used. When external monitors are disconnected, it starts up fine