Windows sockets


I’m evaluating the possibility to connect my stand-alone application( c++, Qt ) with Rhino by using windows sockets.

Where can I find an example or documentation on how to use windows sockets in c++ Rhino plugin?

Thank you and best regards,

Tiziano De Gottardo
Virtualgeo srl

Hi Tiziano,

I know for a fact that we (McNeel) have never written any C++ plug-ins samples that use Windows Sockets.

Why do you want or need to use Window Sockets? What are you trying to do and why?


– Dale

Hi Dale,

we have a stand-alone software (EasyCUBE PRO) and we would like to connect our software to Rhino via TCP/IP so that we can send and receive data (point clouds and meshes) to/from Rhino.

We already done something similar with AutoCAD. In that situation we implemented and AutoCAD plugin that used Windows Sockets 2 (client part).

Is it possible to do this with Rhino? Do you have any documentation about it?

Thank you and best regards
Tiziano De Gottardo
Virtualgeo srl

It should be, yes. A Rhino C++ plug-ins is just a Regular DLL using shared MFC DLL.

– Dale