Windows Server 2016 Compatible?

Does the Zoo License manager for Rhino work on a Windows 2016 server?

You have to check this.

Thank you for that information. I did read that, and it doesn’t state Windows server 2016 as supported, so is that the final answer?


– Dale

Thats a shame so I see Rhino as a Revit killer but I can’t run it in my VDI during Covid. So Sketchup it is!

Sketchup and Rhino are not equivalent products.

Also any organization that could afford the infrastructure needed to actually run Rhino on remote virtualized desktops can afford to just buy you a monster workstation, see Linus Tech Tip’s “six editors one computer” odyssey. IT WORKS!!! - Six 8K Workstations, 1 CPU Finale - YouTube

I occasionally use Parsec–which is a different sort of solution–to operate my workstation out of the office and it actually works surprisingly well.