Windows seems to think that WIP is Rhino6

Hi guys, when I right click my desktop bar to open a used file or a new instance of Rhino then the WIP is the program it let’s me open (but if I right click then V6 opens or windows moves the active instance of Rhino 6 to the front(if that makes sense))


I’m not having this issue.
You can inspect and debug the issue by

  • Right-click over the icon and select “More” > “Open File Location”.
  • A window will show up with the shortcuts.
  • Select “Rhino WIP” and right-click to open “Properties” (at the bottom of the popup window)
  • Now you can change the “Target” path, or “Change the Icon”…

Thanks, but this is the icon on the task bar when Rhino 6 is running.
If I attach the desktop icon to the taskbar then I can right click on that and start Rhino 6 as usual.

I installed the WIP last week and updated it today. (Same issue yesterday though)

Hm - I see that as well - I never noticed this before. I’ll get it on the list…


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I put it on the list months ago. I can no longer find it.