Windows GUI similar to Mac?

I watched a video (I believe it was about paneling tools) and there all rhino command_options were entered through GUI instead of command line. Is it possible to activate similar behavior in Windows?

GUI - meaning calling commands via toolbars etc? That is normal Rhino behavior, no need to activate anything… Otherwise, I don’t really understand what you mean.

This video here:

Mac, all commands’ inputs are within their own window instead how it is in Windows just the command prompt.

image VS.

Seen here:

I would prefer GUI input like MAC to be brought to WIN.

That UI is only available on Mac. We may port it to Windows in the future

Thanks for the reply @stevebaer,

Please, pretty please. Should I add it to the Serengeti wish list separately?

Could that gui also be customizable through scripting?
Like, for example adding user text object, or how did you call them. The additional attributes that you introduced with v6. (I’m sorry I tend not to remember the names which differ from how such objects are called in other software). If possible that some of these attributes are coming from commands or the project automatically. (optional but very useful)