Windows and Doors crossing levels

Hi guys,

Previously I was advised to construct VAWalls by Level Heights, one on top of the other.

When I have a door or window at the half level height, for example on a stairwell or as shown above in the screenshots, what would be the best modelling technique? The VArq model above generates the upper/bigger part of the element in the render view but crops the remainder on the level below (screeshot is of Wireframe & Ghosted Preview options).

Hi Bilal, you are right. We will fix this for the upcoming versions. l will let you know when it’s fixed.


Honestly, I think it is not very logical, from the construction point of view. If the door appears in this way (it is not related to the floor/level), then the wall may be constructed differently, as one element running through the entire height of the building. In fact, that’s how it would be built. Is there any technical difference between these walls? The one above and one below the level?
Cheers, Jaro


I guess it depends on the building? If it has half levels specifically off stairwells then you need to add those extra levels to the va Levels and proceed as you advise, modelling the walls off those half levels which is how they would be constructed. That would make sense. Thanks.

Also true that it’s a bug that Francesc and the guys can fix up when they have the time! :slight_smile:

Well, the simplicity always is the best solution :wink:
Splitting a wall and adding a window as you have shown would have one strange effect: to what wall the window belongs? What are the relationships between these three elements? You could end up with one window belonging to two different walls. With a more complicated building you could find yourself in a really big mess :wink: I know, life is always full of such exceptions :wink: Let’s imagine all these element tables or bills of quantities…
Cheers, Jaro

Hi all, we have fixed this bug in VisualARQ 2.4.1, that is already available for download.

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