Windows 8 Rendering not showing [SOLVED]

Hello, i have been asked to look at an issue in a student lab using Rhino 4 with Flamingo.
The students are trying to design furniture and apparently can load the item but when they wish to apply a colour it does not display.
Is there something i should try to fix this issue?

I see you are using Rhino 4. Which version of Flamingo are you using?

It was Flamingo 2.
Sorry i didn’t reply someone at work contacted a guy on the CAD team.

The issue was/is use rights, running the program as an administrator seems to fix the problem. However we are in an environment where we can’t allow students to run as administrator.
To fix this the person who handles the lab image changed the permissions on specific files.

The exact issue was when the teacher opened Rhino an error message popped up, and he was unable to access Flamingo in the render options. The errors were:

  • Error loading - Flamingo 2.0 Raytrace Render
  • Error loading - Flamingo 2.0 Photometric Render

As i said this seems like it can be fixed by either run as administrator or changing permissions on files to allow a non-administrator to access the files.