Windows 7 running Rhino weird

I recently installed Windows 7 on my Mac and I’m using Rhino 5 64 bit in emulation. I thought that I would gain a lot by going to a 64 bit operating system, however, I’ve found quite the contrary. The system sometimes runs like molasses. When I bring in images for underlays like PictureFrame or a BMP the images don’t show up in Rhino… I"m actually thinking about going back to XP which was so much more stable and all modes of screen displays have worked. For example, My Auxpecker finishes look dull in 7 but looked perfect in XP. Has anyone using Rhino on a Mac encountered these issues on Windows 7, I’d appreciate hearing and if there are any work arounds

I have Windows 7 running in Bootcamp on my 17" macbook and it works flawlessly. 64 bit os, 64 bit Rhino.
But what do you mean with “using Rhino 5 64 bit in emulation”?

This is the problem.

Hi Dale,

It’s funny but nothing is working as far as bringing images into Rhino 5 running on Windows For example, If I want to bring in a .bmp for a Background bitmap, or a PictureFrame… thei image does not show up. When I was running Rhino 5 in XP, this was not an issue. But XP died on me with a corrupted config.sys file. so i updeated to Windows 7 to make use of 64 bit processing. Now, I find out that Bootcamp no longer supports XP and I’m stuck with Windows 7 which is not talking well with my hardware, wether or not I’m booted directly into Windows, or running VMWare Fusion and Windows in emulation. I need to fix this to continue to run on the Mac or I’m going to have to buy a Windows machine just for Rhino… this sucks… When are you guys going to finally release on the Mac… I hate, hate, hate Windows…

All of this sounds like a graphics card driver issue. Make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers installed on Windows running under Bootcamp. Don’t bother trying to fix the system running under VMWare - we don’t support it, and besides - if you’re doing this for performance reasons, you won’t get performance with emulation.