Windows 10 update deleting all VRay information from .3DM

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I was wondering if anyone is having the same issue as me:

The recent windows 10 update seems to clear my 3dm files of all of the VRay settings and materials. This is a problem that can be solved temporarily my reinstalling the previous version of windows 10. This makes my file run perfectly until Windows insists on me installing the update again.

When I attempt to open the file after the update - it reads in the command line - ‘‘unable to open render plugin, switching to Rhino render’’ (or something to that effect). Once the file has opened I go to switch renderer to Vray and when I open up the Vray settings, lights, materials and geometries; it is all either, empty or the default settings.

Could anybody kindly suggest a work-around for this or point out any obvious error that I am making? If so, it would be most appreciated.

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That sounds weird. One workaround with issues like this is to try making a new file and import the file after setting to V-Ray. Then all you loose is the render settings.

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The recent windows 10 update

What update? There are many.

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Thanks for that - for whatever reason this method also broke my dome light. But it was really easy to replace.

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